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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello and greetings, my comrades.
My name is... it`s right above this text so, that`s it. You are more than welcome to call me by that name or you can choose from the aliases that I go by down below. :meow:

:bulletblue: RoboGear
:bulletblue: PatronizedSoldier
:bulletblue: RecklessCadet
:bulletblue: ReconBird
:bulletblue: BlueCanon

You can talk to me in English and Malay.

Don't ask stamp by izka197 if you hate my art stamp by TribalTripleN Original and Fanart Stamp by Estell-chan Not every Muslim is a Terrorist! by XMajutsu-shiX

I watch both cartoons and anime. :aww:

Favourite Cartoons:
:bulletred: Generator Rex
:bulletred: Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja
:bulletred: Slugterra
:bulletred: Legend of Korra

Favourite Anime:
:bulletpink: Attack on Titan
:bulletpink: Hetalia
:bulletpink: Black Butler
:bulletpink: Ouran High School Host Club
:bulletpink: DRAMAtical Murder (this show made my feels explode into a gazillion pieces before reducing them to ashes :iconsawbplz:

Generator Rex Stamp by Comsical Hetalia x Haruhi by pandalovesmilk Attack On Titan Stamp: Free! Anime ED Dance by wow1076

I really like to draw. I use both digital and traditional medias.

Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfear Stamp - Illustrator User by firstfear Stamp - Colored pencil user by griffsnuff Copic Love stamp by KaizokuShojo Wacom Tablet User by nokari

I also have OCs.

OC's Are My Babies by Foxxie-Chan OC Love Stamp by rynoki

Amazing friends with amazing art~ :love:
:iconglorypaintgr: :iconanastasia122: :iconnokama1993: :iconpaint-splatter8: :iconserenasensui:

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OtherWorlde App: Eva J. Stoner (7th Year) by SAMSXCS
OtherWorlde App: Eva J. Stoner (7th Year)
UPDATED: I updated her classes, updated her history and changed her quote :D The rest is all the same
Ah, looking back at Eva`s app during her first term in OW made me realized how much my lil`girl has grown up :happycry: 
Well, physically at least 8D //slapped

"Five more minutes, pleeeasssee?"

Basic Information
Name: Eva J. Stoner
Age20 human years | 10 elechanic years
Height: 170 cm | 5ft 6
Species: [Revived] Technical elechanic shifter (formerly a time elechanic shifter but was given a new core, see 5th year history for info)
Species DescriptionAn elechanic is a species created by infusing magic, technology and one aspect that makes up the universe into one organic-mechanical being. They serve as protectors of their given aspect. An elechanic shifter is born when an elechanic or another elechanic shifter has an offspring with a human or any humanoid creature. The offspring is often the runt of the elechanic race, meaning they will be shorter, smaller, they will have trouble with their aspect, their shifting powers will come very late, they are weaker than a pure elechanic and are considered as a delicacy to The Elders and spirits. 

  • Elechanic shifting: Like all elechanic shifters, Eva can transform into her elechanic form at will. When in her elechanic form, she has the ability to fly, time-travel and use some magic but when she`s not in her elechanic form, she will be rendered defenseless against her opponents and will be just like a normal human being. Even so, Eva is still learning what else she can do and is struggling to unlock her titan or 'beast' form. (this is a natural ability for elechanics both normals and shifters) form.
  • Expert Chronomancy: List of spells she can currently use:-  She also uses her enhancer to strengthen her spells.
    • Reverse
    • Past sight
    • Future sight
    • Fast forward
    • Time loop (start and end)
    • Freeze
    • Teleport
    • Heal
  • Structure Sight: A new ability she gained from the technical elechanic core. This allows her to see the structural blueprint of anything that`s not organic like buildings and furniture. She still has some trouble trying to get it to work but she`ll get it sometime sooner.

Academic Information
Level: Expert (CHR degree graduate)| Chronomancy Student Teacher
Teaching: CHR 103: Enhancers
Teaching Style: Nothing special about her lesson, really. She explains what the lesson`s about and tries not to put too much boring information in it. She`s not very punctual too so as long as you submit your assignment, she`ll be happy. |D

CoursesCRS 101, CHR 104 and ELM 103
Passed Courses: CHR 101, CHR 103, PTS 103, CHR 201, CHR 203, CHR 204, CHR 301, CHR 303, CHR 304, CHR 401, CHR 403, CHR 404

Personal Information
  • Travelling (she has a habit of disappearing to explore the forest or desert or the mountains or teleport to the human world or just take a walk to the Magical Linguistics building |D)
  • Affection (she likes receiving affection mostly in the form of hugs and cuddles. She`ll like it even more if it`s from someone she`s really close to)
  • Books (who wouldn`t like books?! XD)
  • CHOCOLATE (give her some and she`ll start bothering you for more)
  • Neos and Darvenel (soft spot~ //slapped)
  • Technology (being born in a world filled with tech stuff made technology her best friend |'D)
  • Sleep (she spends most of her time asleep so....)
  • Field work (she likes getting down and dirty when she`s doing her work)
  • Stargazing (the clock tower is a really good spot for this)

  • Staying in one place (she gets really fidgety and has a really strong urge to move around or at least shift her position a bit)
  • Getting sick (having to take twice as much as the normal dose of medicine is not fun)
  • Affection (as much as she likes affection, they are times when she`d get flustered when a person that, per say, she likes shows her any form of affection coughneoscougheventhoughitwonthappencoughcough. She also will probably get mad or mad and flustered if someone she`s not close with shows affection or at the very least held her hand)
  • Nicknames ( she likes the nickname Darvie gave her)
  • Anything that can restrain and/or limit her movements (this includes dresses, skirts and tight clothes)
  • People touching her hair
  • Fish (scales ew >-<)
  • The 'J' in her name (she`s forever embarrassed with her middle name)
  • Leading (she`s more of a follower when it comes to being in groups due to small thing that happened in her past)
  • Working in a group (honestly, working with one person is already troubling her, it`d trouble her even more if she has to work with two or more people at one -.-)
  • Fish (ew >~<)

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (being trained when she was serving the army, she`s quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat and knows a variety of martial arts)
  • Weapon and explosives handling (can be considered an expert when it comes to this. She`s also quite knowledgeable on the types of weapons and explosives and their uses.)
  • Secretive
  • Impulsive (she has a habit of going in instinct first, common sense later so, don`t be shock if you see her pulling of a stunt to do something simple)
  • Speed (via Chronomancy)
  • Curiosity (there are some rare times where her curiosity can actually save her) 
  • Haggling/Bargaining (a little skill she picked up after those days of observing the merchants at Moonseed Lane. She`s a little rusty but it`s come in handy a lot of timesespecially since she`s broke now X'D)
  • Claustrophobic
  • Emotionally weak
  • Weak immune system (due to staying in her elechanic form for too long as a child caused her human body unable to develop a strong immune system causing her to get sick very easily and takes her injuries a long time to heal and has higher chances of getting an infection)
  • Easily distracted and gets lost pretty quick (unless if she`s really determined to get/do something)
  • Impulsive and reckless
  • Easily overwhelmed
  • A little TOO brave and a little TOO violent and a little TOO curious
  • People who are closest to her *coughneoscoughcough*
  • Be a better student teacher cause she was all lazy and daydreaming during her first time //slapped
  • Take all the CHR courses! I am a dummy! (she`s not ready to part with CHR yet QuQ sorry, not sorry Bleu)
  • Get another degree?
  • Rejection and abandonment
  • Attachment
  • Snakes, reptiles, amphibians, fish
  • Small spaces
  • Anything that has scales
  • Thunderstorms and lightning
  • Enclosed spaces
  • Being followed/hunted/kidnapped
  • Dying (again)


Laid-back | Calm (most of the time) | Short tempered (rarely) | Stubborn | Emotional | Insecure | Childish | Playful

  A very laid-back and calm character. Eva`s the kind of person that likes to take things slow and steady. She doesn`t like it when people rush her and tell her what to do, where to go and how to do things. She`s quite short tempered and can easily blow a fuse when she`s impatient or moody....or both. When this happens, she doesn`t do much damage unless of course you`re a door or a wall or a window or a type of furniture then, yes, she might break you but she rarely ever injures a person when she`s like this unless if she`s, like, really angry. A very stubborn little thing. She`s not one to follow other people and prefers to trust herself and her instinct more then other, more experienced, people and common sense. She stands her ground on her decisions and couldn`t care less if her opinion wasn`t accepted.

  Eva, underneath the calm and relaxed facade, is somewhat emotional and sensitive being that it`s not hard to make her cry if you know the right words that can break her. She is easily disappointed and saddened though being her secretive self, she tends to hide it and only letting it out when she`s completely alone. She`s quite insecure and has a habit of doubting things like her physical appearance, her abilities, her decisions, her emotions and the people around her but pushing all that aside, she`s still the same childish, clingy and playful little kid that just wanted to be like a normal human being.


Eva was born to Alexander Stoner, a human scientist, and Omenia Kolb, a time elechanic, as their second child and first daughter. She also grew up with her older brother, Stein Stoner. She was born on September 20th in the human world. She pretty much lived a normal life until she started to show signs of having an elechanic half at the age of five such as slowing down time, speeding a person`s aging and seeing events that would happen in the future. Eva was brought to the elechanic world shortly after that so no one will know about her abilities.At the age of 12, she was forced in to serving the military by the Elders due to her being a time elechanic, which is a quite rare elechanic type. She was given both basic and advanced military knowledge.

The young elechanic had a hard time managing herself since she was only two years old in the elechanic world. She was pushed around a lot by the other elechanics but not really bullied and started to be more and more distant from the others. During that time, the only person she could be dependent on was her commanding officer. Lieutenant Hood, a snow elechanic shifter and former Snow Guardian. The officer was like a second father to her.

One day, Lieutenant Hood told her about her father`s death because of an explosion at a nuclear reactor. Devastated, she traveled back in time to stop the explosion from happening. She came so close to stopping it but was caught by the Elders and was brought to trial. The Elders decided to banish her from the elechanic world and to take her chronokinetic powers away. After the trial, she was sent to the human world and considered as a traitor to the elechanic race for failing to protect her given aspect.

Two years passed by and she was now 17 years old in the human world while being seven years old in the elechanic world. A familiar man approached her and that man was none other than Lieutenant Hood, the man that helped her in the military. The reason was to tell her that her older brother got himself banished too so that he can look and take care of her and to tell her that she can redeem herself by studying at an academy that teaches dark arts. After hearing everything that the old man knows about the academy, Eva set her sights on finding and enrolling into the academy.

History in Otherworlde:
1st - 4th year: Eva Otherworlde History, I
5th year: Disappearance
6th year: Summer vacation~ XD

Misc. Information:
  • Character theme: Justice Breaker 
  • Character voice: Isla from Plastic Memores
  • Her blood colour turned from red to blue because of her constant use of her elechanic form.
  • Eva has a bonded time elechanic named Mecha. 
  • When drunk, she`ll have a good and loud rant and rage session for at least half an hour or the longest would be an hour and a half before curling up in a corner or in a dumpster to cry her eyes out.
  • The scarf that she wears used to belong to her late father and is very protective of it. She also claims that it brings her good luck.
  • Even though she no longer possess her chronokinetic abilities, she can still access her elechanic form.
  • The current weapons she has on her is her cutlass (strapped on her belt)and  two handguns (one in her jacket and one in her boot)
  • She lost the ability to age like a normal human due to being a revived elechanic and not a normal or hybrid elechanic. 
Character Relationships
*I`ll be putting up an RP Tracker for this so I didn`t update it~*
*Still not updated XD //slapped*
Bullet; Green - Likes/Cares about/Protective towards | Bullet; Black - Dislikes/Despises (get out and stay out!) | Bullet; Blue - Unsure/Allies | Bullet; Yellow - Interested By/Curious about | Bullet; Purple - Saddened By | Bullet; White - Fearful Of/Respects/Looks up to | Bullet; Pink - Crushing On | Bullet; Red - Loves romantically |

Darvenel - Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; YellowBullet; Yellow - "I still don`t get why people would be scared of you. You`re so nice! >.<"
Probably her closest friend in Otherworlde. Even though they fought each other in the tournament, Eva doesn`t fear him anymore and resumes to see him as the happy and kind boy she met during her first year. Despite their squabbles and "anything you can do, I can do better" moments, she cares about him and is quite attached to him. Although, she is quite sad that she won`t be sharing anymore classes with him after she graduates form the Chronomancy department.

Hikari - Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; GreenBullet; YellowBullet; Yellow - "I`ll TRY to be the best sister you`ll ever have! ^^*emphasizes on the word TRY*
Her adoptive/metaphorical little sister. After they`re adventure into the mountains and the little demon sacrificing her sense of sight and touch for her, Eva is in great debt towards her that she feels not even telling her about her past would be enough to pay her back. Thus, leaving her agreeing to be her older sister figure as a start to paying her back.

Kurami Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; YellowBullet; YellowBullet; Yellow(Bullet; Green?) - " more more girly stuff, please. QAQ"
Her happy-go-lucky red-haired friend! Kurami is pretty much the only girl that she made friends with since she seemed like a person who wouldn`t judge her for anything. Although, they rarely see each other so maybe she`d be considered as an acquaintance?

Neos - Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; YellowBullet; PinkBullet; Pink (Bullet; Purple?) - "`ll just...shut up now...(≧~≦)"
Her first ever crush! XD She enjoys the glowing boy`s company very much since both are quiet around each other and she feels as if she shares the same curiosity as him towards their surroundings. After the biting-each-other`s-neck incident, Eva seemed to be growing shy towards him and would often blush when around him. Things got a little into swing(?) when both of them went on a date during Valentines Day that ended in both of them holding hands but barely realizing that they were and almost freezing to death. After that, she started to have this strange and alien feeling of wanting to be more than friends with him.

Professor Atlante - Bullet; BlueBullet; WhiteBullet; WhiteBullet; YellowBullet; Yellow(Bullet; Green?) - "Thank you so much! ^^"
 The professor has all her respect. She enjoys all of his classes!....Well, she probably hates the last assignment for 201 but she likes all the other ones. Eva looks up to the professor as a great Chronomancer and civilized person and she hopes to be even greater and even more civilized than him someday and that someday will never ever come |D And she`ll miss being in your classes...a lot...even though one of them made her cry. QuQ 

Professor Atla - Bullet; BlueBullet; WhiteBullet; WhiteBullet; YellowBullet; Yellow  - ".....I like your clothes.....? Sweating a little..."
Equal respect for the professor`s reflection who taught her in the first month of her fourth year. Not much to say really but she thinks he`s a little weird but funny at the same time and she likes his clothes. A lot. It`s so robe-y and airy and it reminds her of home. Anyways, she`s thankful for teaching her even though it`s only for one month.

Stein - Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Purple - "Big brother! Big brother! Guess where I hid your wedding rings! :D (Big Grin)"
Her precious big brother! She cares a lot about him and will not hesitate to hurt anyone that tries to hurt him whether physically, mentally or emotionally or sexually. Although, she`s not on great terms with him ever since the news about his possible engagement with his girlfriend he met in the human world. She doesn`t want him to leave her and she definitely doesn`t want him to get married to some stranger she`s never met.

MEva/Janelle - Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; GreenBullet; Green - "Thank goodness you`ll be going back to the Alternate Realm soon. =_="
If you ever interrupt her time with Neos again, she will not hesitate to jump off a tree and hurt herself so she can hurt you too.

MNeos - Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; YellowBullet; YellowBullet; Green - "You managed to tone down my reflection`s mean level. I appreciate that. Aww"
He`s really nice and friendly and he made her reflection turn into a little softie for a little while XD

Sitka - Bullet; YellowBullet; YellowBullet; YellowBullet; YellowBullet; Blue - "We`re going to have sooo much fuuun togetheeeer! 8D "
Probably her new prank victim since you said her powers weren`t useful during the flying tongue incident and you look sooooo serious. So, have fun with your new tongue hat and she`ll probably be flinging a screaming egg at you soon so be careful. |D

Roleplaying Preferences
  • Where do you like to roleplay? Notes, comments, skype? (in order of convenience):- 
    • Comments (faster replies)
    • Notes
    • Skype
    • Google Docs (is preferred since I`m in boarding school now and it`s easier for me to access)
    • E-mail (for people I`m already used to RP-ing with or very close people)
  • Preferences or limits
    • I RP all genres except for smut and gore. Fighting is just fine as long as it`s not too violent
  • Would you like to join the OW Skype Group? 
    • I`m already in it :D (Big Grin)
watch as I shamelessly rip these off from previous RPs |'D
Script Sample
Eva: Uh, no no. *she smiled a nervous smile.* It`s just that I`ve never used the spell with a non-chronomancer before and I was worried that you might get left behind downstairs. *she laughed nervously before regaining her cool back. She reached out for the doorknob and turned it to open the door leading through her room.* C`mon in. *she smiled and gave Neos` hand a little tug, gesturing him to come in. As soon as she stepped in, the dark room lit up with the orange wall lights and the fireplace lit up. The walls of the room were almost covered with various maps of foreign lands, both that the girl has yet to explore and ones that she already went to. The wall at the fireplace were lined with bookshelves filled with books form top to bottom and on the fireplace`s mantel was a framed picture of her family. At the center of the room was a large metal device planted in the floor. Hovering over it were numerous holograms, mostly of messages and Eva`s current health condition.*
Lit Sample
Eva walked down the slighty dark hallway of the Asylum Dorm. She had a box in her hands and on top of it was her pet Mecha sleeping on it. The only reason why she was there is because she wanted to get the rest of her things out of her room in the creepy dormitory to her new room in the Chronomancy tower. As she walked towards the lounge, she heard a faint voice from somewhere in the building. 

At first, she thought that it was just the spirits there trying to mess around with her but, once again, she couldn`t resist but to go towards the voice. Who knows, maybe it`s some sort of spirit that can help her. She peered from behind the wall. "Hello? Anyone here?" She went down the hall. "Hellooo?" Eva`s voice bounced of the walls and echoed down the hallway. She didn`t really care if her voice was loud. It`s not like there were a lot of people staying in the Asylum Dorm anyway.
Hiding From Sis by SAMSXCS
Hiding From Sis
A sort of continuation(?) to glorypaintGR`s drawing Looking for bro
The guy sleeping behind the bush is Alyse`s (the girl walking in the background) lousy excuse for a big brother, Kyros :XD:
At first I wanted to colour it but then I had the urge to turn the whole thing monochrome and I think it went pretty well X'D
I`ll try and do another fully coloured drawing of him when I have time QuQ //cries whysomanyhomeworkwhy

:iconglorypaintgr: Glory!!! Lookit what I made!!! 8D

Alyse (c) glorypaintGR 
Kyros and art (c) me, SAMSXCS 
[SP]: Eva by SAMSXCS
[SP]: Eva
Just wanted to post this here cause it`s been a shile since I submitted something here. Also, I`ll be going back home today and won`t be here for at least a month so...yeah :'D
So, just some random sketches of Eva to practise my poses and stuff...mostly boredom filled sketches haha |'D

Eva and art (c) SAMSXCS 

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