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Come on in and check out my gallery. Don`t be scared... :aww:

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello and greetings, my comrades.
My name is... it`s right above this text so, that`s it. You are more than welcome to call me by that name or you can choose from the aliases that I go by down below. :meow:

:bulletblue: RoboGear
:bulletblue: PatronizedSoldier
:bulletblue: RecklessCadet
:bulletblue: ReconBird
:bulletblue: BlueCanon

You can talk to me in English and Malay.

Don't ask stamp by izka197 if you hate my art stamp by TribalTripleN Original and Fanart Stamp by Estell-chan Not every Muslim is a Terrorist! by XMajutsu-shiX

I watch both cartoons and anime. :aww:

Favourite Cartoons:
:bulletred: Generator Rex
:bulletred: Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja
:bulletred: Slugterra
:bulletred: Legend of Korra

Favourite Anime:
:bulletpink: Attack on Titan
:bulletpink: Hetalia
:bulletpink: Black Butler
:bulletpink: Ouran High School Host Club
:bulletpink: DRAMAtical Murder (this show made my feels explode into a gazillion pieces before reducing them to ashes :iconsawbplz:

Generator Rex Stamp by Comsical Hetalia x Haruhi by pandalovesmilk Attack On Titan Stamp: Free! Anime ED Dance by wow1076

I really like to draw. I use both digital and traditional medias.

Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfear Stamp - Illustrator User by firstfear Stamp - Colored pencil user by griffsnuff Copic Love stamp by KaizokuShojo Wacom Tablet User by nokari

I also have OCs.

OC's Are My Babies by Foxxie-Chan OC Love Stamp by rynoki

Amazing friends with amazing art~ :love:
:iconglorypaintgr: :iconanastasia122: :iconnokama1993: :iconpaint-splatter8: :iconserenasensui:

DB3 - Always Read Comments by SparkLum DB3 - Thanks for Fav by SparkLum Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123

Avatar icon made by :iconanichan7: anichan7


NovaAbbadon App: Aaron Hari by SAMSXCS
NovaAbbadon App: Aaron Hari

App for :iconnovaabbadon: :la:
This guy is a fresh out of the oven character so I`m still in the midst of figuring him out X'D 
A year in boarding school and my art has gone from bad to very bad X^X


Name:  Aaron Hari
Age:  16
Gender: Male
Height: 159cm | 5 ft. 2
Weight: 58 kg
Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Straight
Occupation: Solo Monster Hunter (but when he`s not out there hunting monsters, he`ll do random jobs for people.)
Race: Absolute

Weapon: M-PCT (Multi-Purpose Cutting Thing) 
[He got it when he completed a job for a weapons dealer as payment. The M-PCT has three different modes; sword mode, spear mode and staff mode. The one that Aaron commonly uses is the spear mode since he`s still having trouble activating the sword and staff mode. He keeps this thing in a holster attached to his belt.]


Coming from a family of monster hunters forced him into training at an early age. He`s a fast runner and has a very agile body.
Aaron knows his way around when it comes to putting a hoverboard back together to hacking into a security vault. Although, he still hasn`t figure out complex machinery and alien technology.
-Basic medical knowledge:  
He learnt it from his family since he`d definitely get injured while hunting monsters. He only knows how to deal with simple injuries and the most that he can deal with is a getting stabbed.


Aaron is a teenager with A LOT of energy and stamina. He can go running on and on and he probably won`t stop until he`s passed out or hit his face into something. When in combat, he moves pretty fast and his reaction time is pretty good. The bad thing is that he doesn`t know when to stop. He`ll keep on going until all that energy is and gone and he will be wiped out
-The Dark:
It might sound silly to some people for a 16 year old to be scared of the dark but he`s terrified of it. This was due to him getting stuck in an abandoned warehouse for two days until his parents found him again. He`d mostly likely just crawl up into a ball and try his best not cry.
Aaron can be considered as a perfectionist. He wants everything to turn out good and right just the way he likes it. He`s not used to failing but when he does he gets very down and it might take him a while to bounce back to his cheery self.
He`s afraid of attachment. He knows how he is and how weak he can be around those he emotionally attached to so, he tries his best to avoid it. He keeps a fair distance between him and his allies in order to avoid any form of attachment. The people that he is attached to and cares about might be biggest weakness yet, physically, mentally and emotionally.


-Running (more like love)
-His bag pack (don`t touch it!)
-Chrysanthemums (he has only seen them in old documents from back when before the Earth was polluted. He still wished that he could really see them even though he knows that it`s impossible now.)
-Collecting things (his little makeshift house is full of little trinkets)


-Breaking a promise/deal
-Dark places (nope x10000000)
-Slowing down
-Crowded places (it`s so hard to move around )
-Racial tension (he was stuck in one before and he`s not going to get stuck in one again)

Personality: Cheery | Friendly | Hyper |Curious | Easy going |Emotional | Cowardly |Stubborn |Protective | Loner

Aaron is commonly seen as happy and friendly guy. He likes to talk to people and he would always wear that silly smile of his. His very hyper and energetic, making his life very fast-paced and full of things he wants to do. Aaron is also known for his curiosity, giving him a habit of poking his nose where he shouldn`t be. Although he is hyper, there are times when he would be quite easy going. He would be more relaxed and try to enjoy what little beauty is left in the world he lives in. Aaron can also be very protective and caring towards those he loves and cares but this side of him is rarely seen due to the whole not-one-for-attachment thing.

Despite this, when his day starts nearing to an end and all the rush and excitement starts to dissipate, he becomes quite a loner. He likes to do things on his own and doesn`t like teaming up with people unless the situation calls for it. He is also quite cowardly in a way he would always run away from responsibility. He`s afraid of carrying the burden of any responsibility given. Aaron can be stubborn at times. He wants things to go his way and his way only. He is also secretly emotional, being quick to cry and lash out when something triggers this side of him, mostly things that reminds him of his past.


Additional information:

-He came from a fairly large family.
-His original hair was black but he dyed it blue.
-His bag pack may look small but it can fit quite a lot of things in it, mostly interesting things that he picks up.
-Voice: Yukine from Noragami
-Theme: Drop Pop Candy

Home! I`m finally home~! QuQ
I can`t believe I survived a year in boarding school! I thought I`d give up on the first week but NOOOOO I faced boarding school like a real (insert cool word to describe a coward) XD By calling my parents every single day and cry myself to sleep almost every night 8'D Yup, I was a real crybaby there alright X'D

So, my first journal update in a veeeeryy long time 0-0
Uh, I`ll be here at home until next year~ More specifically until 2nd January =^= whysoshortasdfghjk
While I`m at home, I`ll try to do something mostly it`d be assignments for OW but maybe I would do something else. Maybe jumpstart my comic project that I`ve been planning on doing? Or try and make some animations? I don`t know ^^; With the homework that my teachers gave, not so sure that I`ll be able to do a lot.

But I would definitely be doing those commissions and art trades that I owe to people. I`M SO SO SO SORRY FOR NOT FINISHING THIS FOR SUCH A LONG TIME!!! D'8 I DIDN`T HAVE ANY TIME TO TOUCH THEM UNTIL NOW IMSOSOSORRYPLEASEDONTHATEME T^T
First things first I`d like to confirm again with the people that commissioned me of they still want it or not since I put them on hold for almost a year or more X^X

These are the people that ordered commission and I have proof of their order either via note or comment:
glorypaintGR , Eelball  , ScarletteRoseDEzZean 
Please tell me if you still want me to do your commissions or not so I can complete them :D
If you ordered a commission but I didn`t tag you then feel free to tell me either here or note so I can know what it was cause I tend to lose track of things ^^;

As for art trades, I only have one currently recorded on my list and that`s with Rosie-chan17 
Rosie, do you still want to do the art trade with me? If you still want to then can you please tell me what you wanted me to draw again? :aww:

After finishing the current commissions I have, I`ll probably open a limited commission :D Or maybe some requests if I`m in a good mood :giggle:

Also, I realized that I missed a lot of birthdays, mainly those of my friends here QAQ I`ll try to whip something up to make it up to you guys, okay? :tighthug:

I guess that`s all for now... I think ^^; See ya~ :wave:
P3R10D1C App: Hikari Primus by SAMSXCS
P3R10D1C App: Hikari Primus
Basic Info:

Name: Hikari Primus
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Height: 4 ft 9| 151cm
Star Sign: Capricorn
Birthday: 14th January
Relationship status: Single

Detailed Info:

Occupation: Rogue
Element: Sodium (Na)
-Combustion: Sodium is very reactive towards water. When Hikari comes in contact with water, she will be able to produce a little flare but it will only last for a little while.
-Salt formation: When she is exposed to enough heat, she`ll be able to form a layer of salt on her a skin. It can be used as temporary armour but it will crumble as soon as it is hit.
 -Easily deformed: Sodium is a soft metal, making Hikari`s body quite...squishy in a way. When hit by a huge force, her body will be dented according to how big the force was. It will take a few days for her to regain shape depending on how big the dent is.


Hikari, by default, is a quiet and distant girl. She spends most of the time alone and prefers to be alone but she wouldn`t mind some company though especially those she has come to like. She has a habit of not looking people in their eyes when talking and prefers to look somewhere else. Other than that, she sometimes would suddenly space out and isolate herself from everyone. She is insecure, mostly of how she looks like though it`s not outwardly shown. She would always keep her emotions in check but this would usually turn her into a ticking emotional time bomb ready to explode with the right trigger. When she`s at the verge of breaking down, Hikari would just explode and would start lashing out at the nearest person or would just cry at a place where she is completely secluded from everyone.

However, there`s still a spark of rebellion in her that was placed by her brother. Hikari, despite being quiet and distant, is quite a rude teenager. She won`t hesitate to mock you or comment you even if it would hurt your feelings but that`s probably the least of her worries. She does this mostly to annoy people and make them angry. She`s also quite blunt on what she says, prefering to go straight to the point. Although, she would try to hide this side of her so she won`t scare anyone off. This is probably why she`s quiet most of the time.

When faced with a certain type of situation, she would be in a very deep state of denial. She doesn`t like knowing the truth and would rather have sweet lies rather than bitter truths in her head. When she starts to get closer to a person, she starts to slowly be protective and caring of the person. 

Background Story: 

  Hikari was the youngest child of Juexin and Jason Primus. She lived a normal life with a her parents and older brother in the slums of Hazard Zone 4. Her brother and father, being the ones with the survival skills and whatnot, managed to give the four of them a good life by hunting and scavenging. Hikari didn`t receive and form of formal education but she managed to learn how to read, write and count with the help of her mother while getting survival lessons from her father. She tried to learn as much as she could before she gets thrown out into the world.

  One day, her brother returned home from hunting without their father. His face was grim as he told them that their father was killed by one of the monsters while they were hunting. The loss took a great toll on them. A few months later, she lost her mother because of a thief that wanted all their resources. So, it was just her and her brother. The time she spent with her brother gave her the chance to test out her skills since she helped him to hunt. It was good run but it didn`t last as long as she wanted it to.

  The two siblings were out hunting. This time they went out of their usually comfort zone and into the wastelands. It was quiet for a while, not a single living thing in sight. Then, a striking pain hit her. Hikari fell to her knees and clutched her chest as the pain started surging through her entire body. She was infected by the virus. Seeing this, her brother came to her aid but he, too, fell victim to the virus. He fell down and tried his best not to show Hikari he was in pain. As the two of them stayed there, suffering, her brother was the first to go then followed by her.

  Hikari woke up. She didn`t know how long she was gone but she remembered what happened. She was infected by the Virus and so did her brother. She turned to the place her brother fell and so his lifeless body. The girl suddenly felt hollow. Tears fell and a few sad whimpers escaped her. She knew there was no use crying. He was gone but what made her wonder was why she didn`t die just like him. Knowing it was useless to just stay there, she returned to the slums. That was when she discovered she had the 'Periodic Gene'.

  The fact she had the gene shocked her and at the same time angered her. She was able to create flares everytime she came in contact with water, her body was a lot softer and squishy and she found salt forming all over her everytime she was under the sun. She found out that her abilities corresponded with the element Sodium. The shock came and went by but what lasted was her anger. Why didn`t her brother have the gene? Why only her? These questions kept on floating around in her mind as she continued on with her life.


-Sunflowers (even though she`s never seen them before but the pictures in the books she found gave her more than enough to imagine how they look like)
-Books (she has a habit of going through garbage and a few times she would find old and unwanted books. She only wished she could find more of them)
-Her blue jacket (it belonged to her brother and she`s quite attached to it)
-Water (due to her element`s reaction to it)
-Hide and Seek (for some weird reason)
-Being called short (nope just...nope)
-Small spaces (she`s claustrophobic)
-Loud and off-tune sounds
-Being grabbed or held by her shirt, leg and jacket.

Extra Info:

Theme Song(s): Bad Apple


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